Urban Women

Rakibul Alam Khan

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Even in this 'progressive' age women are deprived of many things . Urban women in Dhaka live a hard day today. Marriage and child rearing often begin at an early age for many. Undernourishment and diseases are aplenty. They are deprived of lifelong love. With no one to watch or care for their tears, the hard-work to sustain livelihood becomes an even more daunting task. My project is about the smile, they still manage on their face.

Rakibul Alam Khan

Meet the Author


Rakibul Alam Khan belongs from Dhaka,Bangladesh and has been involved with the study as well as photography since 2013. Street and Documentary categories are his interests in photography and for past years, he has been working with these two categories. 

His photography  journey has been great. His photographs have been published in national and international Newspapers and magazines like The Guardian, Chizz Magazine(9 Times ), View Bug and the National Geographic (2 times daily Dozen )  

 His work has been extensively exhibited in national and international platforms at  India, Italy ,USA ,Germany, Canada, New Zealand, and Russia.

Rakibul has received awards in many national and international competitions.

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