Photographer : Netra Murbadkar

Subject : Pradnya Pracharne

Mumbai, India

Lingered around for a bit. Finally she could feel something.

Something she shouldn’t have imagined!
That was when the time had to be set accordingly.

As to what was today was not at all yesterday.
Some tend to take it on with themselves!
Some leave it behind as a scar!
Some pretend as if it was a part of their life!
Some wear it with Self everyday!
Do the voices reach your head ?
Do the thoughts make you scream ?
Does the pain wear out ?

Netra Murbadkar

Meet the Author


Netra Murbadkar belongs from Mumbai, India and identifies herself as an individual, trying to find the real reason behind existence.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Mass Media (Advertising) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Media. A plain hobby turned into a full-time career, photographing people gives her that constant want to keep going and believing that there is no end to knowledge; one keeps acquiring till the very end.

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