Riverside Tales

Somrita Pal

Kolkata, India

The following  photographs are a part of my ongoing project "River Side Stories ".

River is perhaps one of the most important entities in our daily life, it is like a ribbon, a body of water that flows downhill due to the force of gravity.  A river can be wide and deep , or shallow enough for a person to wide across and yet, it is so much more than that. Rivers are integral parts of our society, our culture and essentially, the daily proceedings. You might see some some children are playing by the river, or women washing their clothes. These very rivers are also the heart of several engineering projects.

You might see physical characters  of the water itself  such as turbulent whirlpools, the calm waves waves and a dynamic seasonal chemistry, being continuously altered  by rainfall  and usage.

My work is primarily based on a street photographic style, where I attempt to narrates the stories unfolding by the river through candid moments of spontaenity.   

Somrita Pal

Meet the Author


Somrita Pal is a 20 year old photographer from Kolkata, India. She enjoys photography in all forms but her personal favourite is Street Photography as the genre allows her to focus on people and their candid moments of spontaneity,  thereby documenting precious moments that would have, otherwise, been lost. 

She started her journey just one year ago, and mostly used her mobile phone camera, and occasionally a simple point and shoot device.

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