The Life Cycle of a Woman

Amirul Islam Real

Rangpur, Bangladesh

A girl illuminates her mother's lap as an infinite blessing of Allah, and a mother has so many dreams for her daughter. Gradually the child grows up, wants to catch the light, learns to walk. She gradually becomes the central member of the family, and gradually learns to walk the path of life.

Slowly as she grows older, she doesn’t want to be trapped within the four walls of the room, a lot of excitement builds in her mind, exuberance grows in her thoughts.

Years later, the girl became a young woman. She learns to worry for her family and her family worries for her marriage. All the thoughts in the girl's mind, all her high hopes and champagne dreams seem to be shattered like broken glass.

The marriage happens and she moves on to a new world. Years flash past, and at one point the little girl grows old. The crimson visions of childhood age too. In the vacuum that forms, perhaps another little girl is born with her dreams, maybe they shall be fulfilled, maybe not. 

Meet the Author

Amirul Islam Real_copy_1960x1518.jpg

Amirul Islam Real has primarily been a travel and nature photographer in Bangladesh for almost 5 years now and describes making photos amidst nature as a big part of  his life. He wishes to express and explore the colors of nature through his photographs.

Amirul says that photography is, to him, the best way to explore the world and express thoughts, which can't be put into words.

Amirul Islam Real

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