Emotions in Confinement

Tanvi Salunkhe

Pune, India

So far, the mandatory pause button forced upon regularity has triggered a whirlwind of emotions that one could otherwise mask with a busy routine. For some, being confined within four walls was easy to adapt to, while others went through feelings of restlessness, anxiety, fear and exhaustion. 

I could feel myself going through a similar sense of confusion that would haunt me in bits and pieces. With the current reality becoming difficult to digest, I decided to take a pause and just observe my surroundings without trying to associate any conclusions to them. 

This picture series titled ‘Emotions in Confinement' is a collection of my silent observations of what is closest to me, my family. I discovered a varied range of emotions & ‘slice of life’ moments in the backdrop of such uncertain times. This is a portrayal of these tender moments that I experienced myself, hoping to convey the same sense of quiet that I felt in the process. There was a feeling of comfort in being in the present; in being more receptive and porous to the 'now', rather than looking for answers to 'what after'. 

Tanvi Salunkhe

Meet the Author

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Tanvi Salunkhe is an aspiring photographer, writer and filmmaker from Pune.

She studied Philosophy in graduation and further completed an MA in Mass Communication from Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune. With a training in Kathak for 14 years, she has always loved being in the company of arts. In college, she started volunteering for 'Humans of Pune' - a collective that documents inspiring stories of people in the city. Her interactions with her subjects were absolutely humbling and she felt an innate urge to pursue stories where there might seem to be none. She took to short form storytelling using photography and writing as tools to document her experiences with people, places and cultures.

Media school exposed her to the whole new language of films where she dabbled in every department to gain a holistic training of the medium. Working in various audio- visual projects helped her understand what drives her the most- creative non-fiction narratives. She is currently working on human interest stories and is trying to find her voice as a visual artist.